Heirloom Wedding Albums

The Importance

Custom Wedding Albums - where your love story becomes a cherished legacy.

In a world saturated with digital experiences, investing in a physical wedding album is more than just preserving memories; it's an investment in the art of storytelling, a tangible testament to the beginning of your forever.

Our meticulously designed albums don't just showcase photographs; they unfold the chapters of your special day, capturing the laughter, tears, and the unspoken promises. 

In an age of fleeting trends and changing technologies, a physical wedding album stands as a timeless relic. It doesn't succumb to the whims of time or the fragility of hard drives. It is an heirloom that bridges generations, allowing your love story to be passed down, felt, and relived by your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

The Design Process

Select your Heirloom

Select your foundational album and size. These base albums serve as a starting point and give me a sense of the overall vision you have for your album.

Review the Proof

Upon choosing your base album, I will initiate the design process by curating images from your wedding gallery that beautifully capture the essence of your special day. Your proof will be accessible through an intuitive and user-friendly online proofing platform.

Cover Design and Material Selection

Once we finish designing your album, we'll chat about how you want the cover to look and the materials we can use. It's the fun part of making your special wedding keepsake uniquely yours!

Finalize and Order

Once we've settled on all the details, we'll proceed to order your wedding album, ensuring it gets into your hands as soon as possible.

A physical wedding album transforms your cherished moments into a tangible experience. The weight of the paper, the texture of the cover, and the scent of the pages – these elements breathe life into your memories, evoking the emotions of your special day every time you turn a page. It’s an intimate journey that transcends the two-dimensional world of screens.

The Power of Tangibility

Keepsake Album Boxes

8x8 Parent Album

Parent albums are a wonderful way to express gratitude to your parents for their support of your marriage.

Parent albums consist of 30 pages, each dedicated to showcasing various moments involving each family throughout your wedding day.

Safeguard and enhance your albums with a handcrafted wooden presentation box, crafted meticulously from start to finish. Add a personal touch by customizing each lid with unique engraving.

Cover Options

Album Materials & Design Options

Standard Text Embossing
Semi-Custom Embossing
Custom Embossing

Embossing Design

Classic Linen
Luxe Leather
Vegan Suede & Leather

Embossing Option 1: Stamped

Embossing Option 2: Foil

Anyone may have diamonds:

an heirloom is an ornament of quite a different kind.

- Elizabeth Ashton


We cherish our album.


Best gift ever.


Being able to look back on all the memories was so special.

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She made it easy.

Christina traveled across the country to be part of our special day! The best thing about her being our photographer, was seeing how freaking excited she was to do her job! It is very apparent that she is passionate about what she does and we loved seeing her share in our joy! It makes it that much more special to know that the person who is capturing some of the most precious moments of your life, is just as invested in your love as you are!! Everyone couldn't stop talking about how pleasant she was, how easy she made it to be in front of the camera, and how smoothly she got through the madness of all our shots!

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