Christina Ney

Christina Ney

EST. 2018


When I'm not photographing a wedding or an engagement session, you can find me snuggling with my cat or at my computer with coffee in hand diving into editing. I am mostly known for the passion and heart I put into everything I do, especially with my clients. I absolutely love getting to know you throughout the year; helping you wedding visions come to life.

I'm an extroverted introvert and love spending my weekends and evenings working or binging the latest Netflix show.  But on your wedding day you bet I will be a social butterfly.

I love serving the world by capturing genuine love, and candid moments between the people on the other side of my lens. I will get those laughs out of you even if I have to make a fool of myself, when I say authentic, I mean it!

Now let me introduce you to the rest of the team, scroll, scroll, scroll.

Meet Christina

CAT MOM, pizza lover & DREAMER

Christina has photographed couples in 8 different states and am always planning the next big adventure.



Adding dozens of adventurous couples each year who become lifelong friends. 



Christina earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & Management from Loras College, with additional hours at workshops nationwide.

years of education


When I first interviewed Kylie, I knew shortly into the call she was meant to be apart of this team. We all get asked that one question in a job interview...You know, the one where they ask you how you handled a challenge you faced on the job. Well her response to that was exactly what I was looking for. Someone who can lead the wedding day and and stay on track with time.

Photography has become her creative outlet and she loves capturing candid moments that turn out to be some of the best memories in your gallery. When she am not working her full-time job, photographing you, or coaching volleyball, you can find her sitting on her front porch swing drinking coffee and reading a good motivational book. She married to her husband, Kyle and loves their two crazy Australian Shepherds, Rory and Banks. 

Kylie is the queen of project management since she is always tackling the next project and setting new goals. She will go above and beyond to photograph the best moments and beautiful portraits on your wedding day.

Meet Kylie

coffee lover, ADVENTURER, wife & dog mom 

Midwest Associate

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Lydia's love for photography begin in the same way mine did, with the high school yearbook. Photography has given her the opportunity to express her creative side by capturing little moments and big milestones. I see a fire in her that every successful creative has, passion.

Her bubbly personality and attention to detail are just a few reasons I know you will love working with her. She has a knack for all things organization and planning, do I dare mentioned her color coordinated closet, actually consists of 90% black pieces. And not to mention she is  the go-to for her friends when it comes to wedding planning advice. 

Our most recent MRS., Lydia married her high school sweetheart, Sam. She loved every aspect of planning her wedding, and cannot wait to photograph and help you plan yours!

Meet Lydia

Wife, Organizer, Planner

Midwest Associate & Wedding consultant

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Okay, let me state the obvious...Alicia is my big sister. So yes, I think she is quite amazing, but I know you will love working with her!

Alicia graduated from Loras College with a degree in Public Relations, but since graduating, her most sought-after skill has been in the art of organization. Don’t believe me, just take a walk through her closet. When she is not working as a ‘wearer of many hats,’ for Paramount Ambulance [AKA the family business], she is planning her next vacation, “yelping” about her previous vacations, or watching Marvel movies with her dog and husband while sharing a pint of Halo Top.

Alicia is also an advocate for all things self-care and self-love. As a retired pageant queen,  she has seen many faces of beauty and paths to said beauty. Her hope for all women and men alike is to embrace flaws, love imperfections and live a life of fearless authenticity.

Three things she loves to do – organize, travel and influence. Alicia has a passion for traveling and sharing her experiences with others which some how led her to achieve the 'Elite Yelper' status. Need that sisterly advice with your wedding planning, she's my go-to!

Meet Alicia

Wine & pizza lover, elite yelper, wife

Wedding Consultant

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Meet Elle

wanderer, Photoshop Expert, Oregonian


"If I had to describe myself in four words, I’d say: I am a creator. "

Midwest native who recently moved to Eugene, Oregon. Elle a wanderer at heart, which is why she is our top destination associate. She will find the best spots to elope, chase sunsets for the best portraits, and make your overall destination experience top notch.

A true Hawkeye with a background in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and an emphasis in Photography. Elle is our photoshop wiz. With her attention to detail your images are edited to perfection.

"Photography is more than just a job to me. It’s an outlet. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a passion." - Elle

When she is not creating, you can find Elle hiking, boating, laughing at her own jokes, working out, cooking, traveling with Ian or hanging with family and friends.

LIndsay & MAtt

"She did an INCREDIBLE job with our engagement and wedding photos! She made us feel comfortable and really just did a fantastic job capturing us. I can’t thank you enough Christina!!!"

Working with Christina was an absolute dream!


Darian + Nick

"She is so fun to work with and makes you and your partner feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She perfectly illustrated the feeling of love on our big day and that is something I will forever be grateful for. I would highly recommend her, not only for her incredible photography skills, but also for her professionalism, timeliness, organization. 

"She perfectly illustrated the feeling of love."


Taylor + Bennet

"We couldn't be happier with choosing to work with Christina for our wedding day. Everything was fun, enjoyable, and our gallery turned out phenomenal. From the engagement sessions, to our fall mini session, and our wedding day, everything was done in a professional and timely manner. We Highly recommend Christina Ney Photography. You will not regret it."

"We couldn't be happier!"


Anna + Jesse

"Christina Ney is a Des Moines based photographer. We hired her to do our engagement and wedding photos. She is so nice and makes it fun... even for people to don’t typically love taking posed couple pictures she makes it easy and natural."

Easy and Natural


Jisoon & Ryan

She makes a point of meeting you in person/via Skype to get to know you as a couple and get a feel for your vision on your wedding day. She plans your day-of timeline which is a huge stress reliever. She has an amazing wedding guide that helps you pick vendors, tips on planning your big day, and great photos that show off her photography style.  On top of all that, she becomes an amazing friend.

Christina is more than a photographer!