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Your wedding is not the only reason to kick start a healthy lifestyle. Seymour Health & Fitness is there when you’re ready to take that step! Personal training sessions are a great way to introduce your mind and body to a gym environment. Not only will you become comfortable in a gym, you will see so many other health benefits. I have been putting this to the test over the last two months through my own personal training journey with Andrew at Seymour Health & Fitness.

My Past Experiences

I have minimal knowledge of health and fitness; since college I had barely stepped foot in a gym. My form of exercise was the occasional walk with my mom and my long 8-10 hour wedding days on my feet. I had a Planet Fitness membership for a few months. The 20 minute drive into town to face gym anxiety was daunting. That membership didn’t last long.

For the past 2 years I have been a member with Power Life in Des Moines. I use Yoga to fuel my mind and body, but I found myself wanting more variety in my workouts to see more progress. I began to look into gyms, but again faced gym anxiety.

What I needed was an accountability partner. Someone to build each session and essentially tell me what to do. Personal training seemed like my best option, so I reached out to Andrew with Seymour Health & Fitness.

The Investment and Environment

Stating the obvious, personal training is an investment. My biggest hesitation was the cost, $80 a session was a commitment. This wasn’t something I could do without 100% effort at every. single. session. This meant cutting spending and sticking to a more strict budget. The outcome has been better than expected and absolutely worth the investment!

The environment at Seymour Health & Fitness is amazing, not a single treadmill or mirror in sight! We need more gyms like this, especially for those who struggle with body dysmorphia. Andrew and his brother Collin have been so welcoming. I was able to share my goals, expectations and ask any questions along the way without feeling dumb.

Thanks to Seymour Health & Fitness, my confidence with gym equipment and my energy level have improved drastically. Movement combined with mindful eating has me feeling stronger, not to mention the workouts are fun! I can confidently recommend Seymour Health & Fitness based on my experience over the last 2 months.

About Seymour Health & Fitness from Andrew Himself

After realizing the corporate facility was not the ultimate goal, Andrew started Seymour Health & Fitness (SHF). He started in the personal training field with the intentions of working in a school or at a colligate level. After forming the relationships with his clients, Andrew pivoted his career with the goal of creating a comfortable gym environment.

“Through this strategy of helping people feel comfortable in the gym, consistency will be easier to come by. Consistency leads to sustained results and through helping others find joy in the gym by making it a place of comfort, Seymour Health & Fitness aims to be a place that can obtain physical benefits while addressing and improving the overall well-being of those invested in us.”

Many people seek out SHF as a way to reestablish their health as a priority in their life, or with intent to work towards a physical fitness goal. With a personal trainer, you’re getting someone to guide your workouts and hold you accountable. Your trainer should educate you and create a program that aligns with your goals.

SHF & Your Wedding

Spending time on your physical health will do wonders for your mental health. In a society that can be brutal with physical appearance, you shouldn’t feel like you need to adhere to the misconceptions of losing X amount of weight before your wedding day.

“When you regularly exercise, eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of fluids, get your sleep, and enjoy some sunshine, you can better manage your stress levels and you’ll notice more happiness and confidence.”

Your wedding day should not be the end destination. Setting physical fitness goals is great but only striving for those goals until your wedding day can put added pressure and unrealistic expectations on yourself. The hardest part may be getting started, that’s where SHF can help!

“Depending on prior experience, it can take people a variety of time to begin noticing physical changes. You see yourself each and every day so you actually may not notice changes as soon as others may notice them about you.”

It can take a few weeks up to a few months to see changes. Depending on your activity level, number of workouts, nutritional choices, and the type of program you decide to invest in. In addition to the physical changes; working out can elicit some very recognizable changes in mood, sleep quality, confidence, and other areas that we may not physically see in the reflection of the mirror.

“Depending on the person, their schedule, and what their goals are, I find that most people see more of the results they are looking for when they work out 4-6 days per week. With the goals people tend to come to me with, they can more efficiently accomplish those goals by including a mixture of frequent weight lifting, regular steady state cardiovascular exercise, and a sprinkling of higher intensity cardiovascular workouts. Finding the right ratios of those for you, your goals, and your timeline can be aided by working with a knowledgeable fitness professional.”

Looking for Other Options?

To any Des Moines area couples. If you are wanting to jump start your fitness in a small group setting, Seymour Health & Fitness also offers group sessions! You and your significant other can sign up for their partner training or get some friends together for a small group session. Cost is more affordable, and you still get that one-on-one attention and sessions catered to your goals.

While their main focus is 1:1 training, Andrew and Collin, his brother and partner in the business, provide a variety of options depending on your goals. Collin teaches an Adult Strength & Conditioning class, offered six days a week. This is a great way to meet other like minded individuals and form a community.

SHF also offers partner training or small group sessions. This is a great option for couples or a group of friends! For those who have a good grasp of their fitness goals, Andrew & Collin offer online workouts. This is a great option for those not in the Des Moines Metro or simple want a workout plan to follow.

A Final Note from Andrew

The most rewarding part of my job is the relationships and connections I’ve been able to create with my clients. When I entered the field, I assumed that my scientific background would provide me with everything I needed to help people workout. That remains true but the ability to connect with people, so that I can relate to them and figure out the best way to help provide them with the tools they need to get where they want to go is something I’ve learned about this profession.

Through creating those relationships, you instantly begin to care for your clients as people first and customers later. Another very rewarding part of my job is seeing those individuals find success in and out of the gym. I truly believe that prioritizing your health and wellness elicits improvements that span far beyond the walls of the gym.

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